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Parklane School PTO

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Our Mission

The Parklane Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization run solely by volunteers that are dedicated to supporting all the students at Parklane. We do this through fun and activities, family engagement, and fundraising.

Background & Leadership

The PTO is led by an executive team and membership is open to ALL Parklane family members. This year’s executive team is:

President: Roxie Sprick, parent of a 4th grader
Vice President: Lauren Jacobs, parent of a 2nd grader
Treasurer: Jen Riedl, parent of a 4th and 2nd grader
Secretary: Crystal Chavez, parent of a 3rd grader

We also have a Family Engagement Coordinator, Chelsie Anderson, parent of a 3rd and 1st grader. If you are interested in other positions available, please email to find out more!

We put on a variety of events throughout the year; the Back-to-School carnival, Jog-A-Thon and Read-A-Thon are our largest fundraisers. We will be going on our fourth year of the Change Challenge, which has been a hit with the students! Students use spare change to “vote” for crazy ideas for the Principal to endure if it has the most votes! In the past, Mr. Meza has had a pie thrown in his face, ice dumped on him, rode a PE scooter all day, and drenched in condiments! In May, we have our annual Mother’s Day Flower Sale.  We also participate in the Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program and Amazon Smile.

We have historically supported Parklane by giving each teacher money for their classroom needs/field trips, helping with the 6th grade graduation trip, providing staff t-shirts, participating in teacher appreciation in May and throughout the year, and purchasing a Gaga Pit for recess. We also fundraised to re-do the Treadmarks Track, but since we’re getting a new gym, that project is on hold! We are excited to be continuing our collaboration with Guerreras Latinas, in hopes of supporting a healthy and diverse school community. Guerreras Latinas is also a non-profit in our community.


In-person meetings are back! ​PTO meetings will be seasonal this year and the dates are subject to change, if necessary. We will be meeting after school and SUN pickup.

Fall: October 3, 2022., 4:45-6:30

Winter: January 9, 2023., 4:45-6:30

Spring: March 6, 2023., 4:45-6:30

Get Involved

​Get on our email list to learn about opportunities!!

Send us an email at to be added.

PTO will cover your background check fee when you sign up to volunteer in the classroom. Visit the office to receive and return your background check paperwork! Or you can volunteer at PTO events. A few hours makes a HUGE difference!

Please note: Currently, proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required for in-school/classroom volunteering but, not required for after-school, outside PTO volunteer opportunities. 

Other simple ways to participate to make an impact: 

  • Shop at AmazonSmile. FIRST, sign up HERE to support Parklane PTO when you shop online. THEN, make sure to do your online shopping at instead of at the regular when you do, you’ll have the Amazon experience AND support Parklane PTO!

  • Sign up for Fred Meyer Community Rewards. FIRST, sign up HERE for the Community Rewards program and link your Rewards Card to Parklane. You can search for us by name or by program number: HN379. THEN, use your Rewards Card when you shop to help Parklane earn a donation! AND you will still earn your Rewards Points and Rebates. Cards can be picked up at the Customer Service desk at any Fred Meyer.

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